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Keyless Locker Locks

Electronic locker locks
Combination locker lock

School lockers are evolving, schools across the UK are purchasing lockers manufactured using modern materials like solid grade laminate and plastics.

The same can be said for locking systems, more and more schools are looking to reduce the burdon of managing keys or cutting off padlocks. 

Keyless locking has come a long way in the last few years and the fact that they require no ongoing administration can reduce the amount of time spent managing the lockers by up to 80%. 

There are two popular types of keyless locker lock in the UK, mechanical and electronic. 

At Lockers For Schools we stock more than 30 different types of keyless locker lock, most of which are carried in stock for next day delivery

Mechanical Locker Locks

Mechanical locks are non-powered combination locks which work by inputting a set code to access each locker. These codes can be set either by the student or by the school.











Electronic Locker Locks 

Electronic locker locks are normally powered by 2 AA or AAA batteries. Manufacturers claim that battery life can be up to 5 years but in our experience this is more .likely to be 2-3 years with regular use. 

These locks normally have two modes, private or public depending on the needs of the school. Private is a single code that operates the lock over and over again or until it is changed. Public mode means that the user chooses their own code and as soon as the locker is open it resets ready for the next person. 

Bothe mechanical and electronic locks feature and management override in the form of a key or code depending on the lock you choose. 

Both types of lock are designed to be universal which means that you can fit them to new or existing school lockers.

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