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Locker Sloping Tops

Locker Stands and Tops

Sloping Tops are the ideal way to stop students from leaving belongings or rubbish on top of lockers. They can be selected as an option on all new lockers and can also be added later as a retrofit option if you decide they will be useful. They are available for most locker brands and types meaning the lockers you chose for them to go on will then come across slightly taller to allow for the slope.

Brands of Lockers we offer Sloping Tops for:

  • Probe Lockers

  • Pure Lockers

  • Link Lockers

  • G Force Plastic Lockers

  • Elite Lockers

If you are unsure about the lockers you have and which sloping tops you need to purchase, please get in touch with us, including an image of your current lockers and we can help identify which ones you will require.

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