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Looking for Lockers to go Under Windows or Noticeboards?

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Primary school corridors can be a nightmare to accommodate lockers, especially when you have windows on one side and noticeboards displaying students work on the other.

Probably the best way to overcome the height issue is to install low height lockers, these will sit comfortably below windows or noticeboards. In order to ensure enough space for students belongings we would recommend a maximum of one or two compartments high (see images).

Between windows or noticeboards you can fit taller lockers, this can look great as it has the effect of framing the windows, it also allows for much more locker capacity along the corridor.

Combination of low and standard lockers around a window

Where low height lockers are used, it's a great idea to fit solid tops, these look much smarter and create a handy shelf with which to store anything you need.

To finish the look and prevent damage to the side of your lockers, consider adding end panels. These will keep the exposed metal sides of your lockers from getting dented by impact.

Another thing to consider is the depth of the locker unit itself, the industry standard locker depth is 450mm but this can often be too deep for narrower school corridors and can cause issues with congestion when lockers are in use. Imagine how much space a locker takes up with it's door open and a student stood behind it, especially when other students are trying to get past. We have found that the optimum locker depth for school lockers used in corridors is actually 380mm deep. This allows for good access with compromising on storage space.

That covers our look at Low height lockers in school coridoors, give us your feedback and if you'd like to discuss your locker project then contact us by clicking the link below.

Low height two door locker below a noticeboard

Laminate tops fitted to lockers at St Andrews prep Eastbourne

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