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Replacement Locker Doors


It's a fact that school lockers can take more abuse than those used in other environments. A damaged door can quickly lead to more extensive damage throughout the school and lead to complete locker replacement which can be expensive.

We supply replacement doors for every type of lockers sold in the UK from all major manufacturers. We can match in with your existing colour scheme or supply them in a range of colours to suit your needs. 

As a trade supplier, we are also up to 50% cheaper than other companies. 

Get in touch with us now if you are looking for replacement locker doors in your school. 




Top Tip:

Regular maintenance and replacement of damaged doors and locks can extend the life of the lockers indefinitely and it's really easy to do. 


Metal locker doors are removed by simply drilling out the rivets, removing the door and re-fitting using new rivets. 

A great recommendation is to have a couple of spare doors on site so you can quickly change damaged ones and avoid further issues such as needing a whole new locker which costs a lot more money than just a replacement door.

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