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Your lockers, our passion

Buying lockers for your school can be a bit of a minefield. There are hundreds of options and hundreds of places that can supply them.

At Lockertek we take the stress out of purchasing your school lockers. We only sell high-quality lockers capable of standing up to the rigours of school life. All our lockers are designed specifically for school use and are manufactured in the UK.


Primary school lockers


We stock the largest selection of primary school lockers in the UK. Our Ultimate range is fully welded not pop riveted making them the most robust primary school locker you can buy. They are also available in different heights to suit each key stage.


The last thing you want to do is give younger children a lock and key, so our lockers come with a large easy to use turn handle.


You can also choose from a vast comprehensive of colours to match your school's scheme or combine colours to make contemporary and vibrant patterns.


High school & further education lockers


If you are looking for lockers for your high school, college or university then you have come to the right place.


Our lockers are constructed in the UK using the best steel available are designed to easily withstand the rigours of daily school life.


You can also choose from a vast range of locking solutions for your lockers including simple cam locks with keys, fitting designed to accept a padlock, keyless locker locks and much more.


Like the primary school lockers above there is a vast range of colours to choose from and we can even match to any Ral or BS number if required.


Mobile Phone lockers


Whilst the mobile phone has become part of everyday life, they can cause compound issues in the school environment such as distraction, theft and bullying.


Our range of mobile phone lockers could be the perfect solution for your school. They are robust and can be wall-mounted. they are also available in and range of colours and locking solutions to suit each school's needs.


Laptop and tablet storage


If you are looking for a cost-effective way to store your laptops or tablets when they are not in use then check out our range of technology storage lockers.


These are available in a whole range of compartment sizes, and specifications, with options for charging and non-charging to suit any application.


Laminate door lockers


Laminate door lockers are the biggest thing to happen in the locker industry over the last decade. They have been a complete revelation for schools where the dent-proof doors ensure lockers last up to three times longer than the steel derivative.


Architects love them too as the door covers the frame for a more clean and contemporary look and finish.

Changing room benches


The good old fashioned bench is still as popular as ever within education and now there is more choice than ever when it comes to creating the perfect bench for your needs.


Choose from a range of different frame and slat colours and finishes as well as hook board, welly storage etc.


You can even select from different sizes according to the age of the user.


Locker locks and parts


Even the best quality lockers will require routine maintenance, we stock replacement locker locks, doors, padlocks, in fact, everything you could ever need to keep your lockers in tip-top condition. Whatever make your lockers are, we stock a full range in stock for next day delivery.


Accessories for your lockers


When purchasing your new lockers you can choose from a range of accessories to ensure you get the best out of them.


Sloping tops are essential if you want to stop users from throwing rubbish or storing belongings on top of your lockers. These can be purchased fitted to new lockers or retrofitted to existing lockers.


If your lockers are located on hard floors which are wet cleaned using a mop, then it's worth considering locker stands. Locker stands raise your lockers off of the floor which prevents water build-up and potential rusting over a longer period of time.


Stands are also available with adjustable feet for those wishing to install lockers on sloping or uneven floors.


There are different ways for your users to identify their locker We supply a comprehensive range of engraved number discs and keyfobs, number stickers and nameplates in many different styles colours and finishes.

Locker repairs and servicing


If your school's lockers have seen better days then why not consider using our locker repair service. Our engineers are fully qualified specialists in locker refurbishments and repair and they can get your lockers looking good and fully functional without the cost of buying new ones.


Locker installation


We offer a full installation service for your new lockers, Our engineers will unload your new lockers carry them to position and install then securely side to side and back against walls. They will also dispose of all rubbish and waste materials.


All fitters are fully DBS certified and insured.