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Bespoke Lockers

When it comes to school storage, one size doesn't always fit all, and this is often the case with lockers. 

We understand this, and we share the view that lockers should be as individual as those using them, or the surroundings they are in. 

We can design and manufacture your bespokes lockers in any size, and use a whole range of materials and locking mechanisms to suit. 

Bespoke Sizes

We can manufacture your bespoke lockers in any size and with any compartment configuration you require. 


Your bespoke lockers can be made from a whole range of frame or door materials including mild steel, aluminium, SGL (solid grade laminate), MFC or MDF and much more. 

Colours and Finishes 

Choose from thousands of different colours and finishes to suit your scheme, we can also match other furniture or panels. 

Locking Mechanisms 

We supply more than 200 different types of locks from manufacturers worldwide to ensure your lockers have all the functions and features that you require.

Ventilation and Drying 

Choose from a range of locker ventilation systems for your lockers to ensure good airflow and reduced odours. 

We also offer a drying system that is effective in drying wet clothes. 


There are many different accessories and options that can enhance your lockers functionality. Our specialists are happy to discuss these with you.  

Numbering and Name Plates 

We offer numerous numbering and identification systems for lockers including, 

  • Number discs and keyfobs

  • Vinyl numbering systems 

  • Name plate holders

  • Bespoke locker plates 


We can provide matching infills to ensure there are no unsightly gaps around your bespoke lockers. 

Printing and Graphics 

Graphics are set to be the next big thing in locker design over the next few years and we are leading the way. 

If you are looking at graphics for your lockers then you know where to come. 

Charging Ports 

We can supply bespoke lockers with both 240v standard charging and ports for USB products. 

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