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if you are looking for a senior school locker that offers both style and strength, then our range of laminate fronted lockers are perfect for you. 

Like our standard range of lockers, the frame is constructed from high-quality mild steel which is powder-coated in a range of colours to suit your scheme. 

The locker doors are manufactured using solid grade laminate, which is incredibly robust and won't dent like standard metal doors.

They are also available in a vast range of colours and even textured finishes including wood colours. 

Our range of laminate high school is available in two derivatives,

Inset door

Our inset door laminate locker features a door that is inset into the metal frame of the to create a contrasting effect which is extremely robust. 

Plant on door

If you are looking for a frameless contemporary effect then our plant on range is for you. The door completely covers the frame. This creates a clean look which is very robust and stylish. 

Frame and door colours 

As standard, our laminate door lockers are supplied with either a silver, white or black frame. For larger quantities other colours are available. 

You can choose from a huge range of door colours and finishes to match your decor or colour scheme. Click here to download our standard door colours or contact us on 01953 718221 if you require a specific colour or finish. 

At Lockertek we are leading the way when it comes to locker graphics and numbering. We can add any graphics or numbering to your lockers that you wish (subject to image size and quality) for a truly unique look that is all yours.

Contact our team for more details.  

Locks options and accessories

You can choose from a vast array of locking solutions, from simple locks and keys though to the latest combination locks or keypads. Our education consultants will talk you through the benefits of each type to help you make an informed choice. 


We supply a whole range of accessories to compliment your lockers, our specialists are on hand to discuss these with you when required. 

Project management

We offer a complete project management service for your lockers, including initial consultation, site survey, design, aftercare all at no additional charge. 

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