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Mobile phone lockers

Quality Mobile phone lockers for your school

Mobile phones are an essential part of modern life and are the perfect way for parents to stay in touch with their children.

They can, however, cause problems in the school environment.  With handsets now costing up to £1500 and thefts are becoming more common. It's also never wise to let students carry mobile phones in lessons as they can affect concentration and there is nothing worse than a phone ringing or text tones while students are trying to work. 


One option is to offer students a secure place to store their phones when not in use and our wall-mounted mobile phone lockers could offer the perfect solution. 

Our mobile phone lockers are available in either eight or twenty compartment units and these can be stacked to offer more capacity if required. 

We also offer mobile phone lockers with charging ports or cables, allowing users to charge their devices while they are being stored. This can be particularly useful in situations where people need to store their phones for an extended period, such as during exams or meetings.



Our Minibox mobile phone lockers are also available in a range of locking options and colours to match your school colour scheme. 


8 door unit 415mm H x 900mm W x 230mm D (wall mounted)

20 door unit 940mm H x 900mm W x 380mm D (floor or wall-mounted) 

Compartment dimension: Clear opening, 155mm h x 155mm w  x 190mm d

Lock options, 

Cam locks and keys, Hasp lock for padlocks, combination locks

Typical lead time: 2-4 weeks depending on factory capacity 

Delivery: Free of charge to schools in mainland UK 

Mobile phone locker colours:

colour swatch Lockers.jpg
Mobile phone lockers
Mobile phone lockers
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