Solid grade laminate or SGL is a material that has revolutionised the locker industry over the last decade. It's water-resistant and is incredibly strong. This is because it is constructed using multiple layers of paper which are bonded under immense pressure and heat, making a sheet material which is virtually indestructible. It's also available in hundreds of different colours and finishes.


SGL is the perfect material for locker doors and end panels, and although it makes lockers more expensive than standard steel, it does look much more contemporary and you can expect them to last much longer.


Our Varsity Junior range of lockers are available in key stage one and key stage two sizes.


KS1:  1300mm high x 300mm wide x 375mm deep

KS2:  1500mm high x 300mm wide x 375mm deep

Low height two-door (perfect for under windows):  900mm high x 300mm wide x 375mm deep

Lockers are supplied with a large, easy turn handle, for ease of use.


Door colours: Click here for our standard range of door colours.

(More colours available, subject to order quantity)

For added strength, we fully weld our frames and overlay the locker doors, so no frame is exposed.


End panels are also available to clad any exposed ends.

We are confident that you will not find a more robust primary school locker in the UK.

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