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Will School lockers rust outside?

School lockers are typically designed to be used indoors, and may not be suitable for outdoor use. If they are used outdoors, they are likely to be exposed to the elements and can rust over time.

Lockers made of steel or can rust when exposed to moisture, humidity, and other environmental factors. If the locker is not properly sealed or protected from water, rust can form on the surface and gradually spread, leading to damage to the locker's structural integrity.

However, some lockers are designed specifically for outdoor use and are made of materials that are more resistant to rust, such as aluminum or plastic. These materials are better suited for use in outdoor environments, and can withstand exposure to the elements without rusting.

Overall, if you are considering using lockers outside, it's important to choose lockers that are specifically designed for outdoor use, or take steps to protect them from the elements to prevent rust and other damage.

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