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What is the Problem with Mobile Phones?

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

In the space of thirty years mobile phones have gone from being basic, briefcase sized monstrosities carried around by so called yuppies, to an device so important that billions of people just cannot function without them.

They have have replaced the camera, the organiser, the diary, maps, newspapers and pretty much everything else that you used to carry.

The revolution is being driven by the children and young adults, with more than eighty percent of high school age children owning a smartphone.

Phones can be an amazing thing, they have revolutionised the way we communicate, they have connected us like no other time in human history, but in the school environment they can be a nightmare.

Phones can be a major cause of distraction, with notifications buzzing constantly it's no wonder that students become less focused and task orientated.

On a darker note, phones can be a vehicle for delivering cyber bullying via social media and this is becoming a major problem in schools.

With some of the latest phones costing up to one thousand pounds it's inevitable that theft of these expensive devices would increase. Over the last decade there has been a vast increase in theft of mobile phones from school students either via mugging or theft from coats or lockers.

It's not all doom and gloom for schools, as implementing a robust mobile phone policy can reduce the effect of all the issues highlighted above.

More and more schools are purchasing mobile phone lockers for use either in classrooms to store phones whilst students are in lessons or behind reception/student services to store phones that have been confiscated or found.

At Lockers for schools we supply a range of mobile phone lockers in different configurations to suit all individual needs

If you are looking for a solution for your school then get in touch today and we'll help solve your mobile phone storage woes.

Click below for more information on our range of mobile phone lockers.

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